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Our natural cosmetics are contemporary in the best sense of the word: they do not need any additives or animal testing and we avoid any unnecessary environmental impact during production and shipping. We attach great importance to first-class service. Many of our customers are delighted with this - and the media write about us. We are pleased about every praise, take criticism very seriously and are grateful for suggestions!


Wow. I have  used the hair oil as a conditioner in dry hair and also in damp hair and I am thrilled. (In fact, I use a little more drops than indicated. 🙈) The hair looks healthier and definitely shines more than without oil. Also, my hair is easier to comb. 👍🏻 So all in all, a super recommendation from me.

Gina K., Google, February 2021

Radiant skin as a result. Soothing, nourishing, simply perfect. I love this face oil.

Julia K. from Vienna by e-mail, January 2021

This is my 1st bottle and I can already tell there will be many more. A great thing for the hair. You only need 2 drops for shoulder length hair. They shine and smell so good that perfume becomes unnecessary. Can only recommend this miracle product.

Anna Schmück, by e-mail, December 2020

Ingenious hair oil, high quality (without harmful ingredients), sustainably produced! And a treat for dry & stressed hair, simply massage 2 -3 drops into the ends & the hair feels good again. The icing on the cake - the smell is tangy, not the usual sweet smell that gives you a headache.

Dr. Ursula Czink, by e-mail , December 2020

I let myself be talked into trying the face oil - I'm not really a fan of oil. What can I say? I have been using it for about two months and I am (almost) addicted. My mature, very sensitive skin tolerates it fantastically. Great: I have the impression that although it does not make my incipient rosacea disappear, it keeps it very much in check.

Manuela B., e-mail, September 2020

I have been using all 3 products for 2.5 months and am more than satisfied with all 3. Especially the body oil was a miracle for me, as I suffer from neurodermatitis and too dry skin. Since I have been using the product, my skin is already much better. I also like the fact that the products are absorbed very quickly. All 3 products are highly recommended.

Pinar T., e-mail, July 2020

I mix several drops of INCHI GOLD Face with my day cream for sensitive skin. The effect is overwhelming: dry spots and unevenness disappear quickly, the skin feels soft and relaxed. Irritations caused by nasty dry heating air are also reduced. My skin is very fond of this oil.

Claudia P., e-mail, May 2020

I use the "HAIR" for styling. After washing, massage about a 1/3 pipette into the hair, let it work for a short time and then blow-dry. Done. Super easy to use. Makes my dry hair beautiful and smooth. The body oil is great for my neurodermatitis. The itching stops immediately and the skin becomes beautifully soft. And the best thing is that the oil is absorbed super fast and leaves no greasy film.

Karin N., e-mail, December 2019
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