Trust & Sustainability

All our production processes take place in a manufactury. That’s how we guarantee top quality. The production of our base oil on our farm is monitored by inspectors of the international Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) seal of approval. They carry out regular on-site audits based on strict hygiene and production requirements. We have limited our pressing quantity in order to guarantee the highest quality.

Family & Friends

When friends and family work hand in hand, something really good comes out of it. In our case, the two Munich brothers Josef and Karlheinz Niedermeier (in the picture above with his wife Fai Niedermeier) have dedicated themselves entirely to the production of exquisite Sacha-Inchi natural cosmetics. Karlheinz is responsible for the production of our sacha inchi oil in the north of Thailand. A certified Munich manufacturer guarantees "Quality made in Germany" for our products. Together with family and friends Josef "stems" the product development, sales and marketing in Germany. The company is located in the green Berlin district of Weissensee.

Saowaluck Jhupo - one of our farmers at her fields


To produce oils for beauty and not paying attention to sustainability - according to our company’s philosophy this would be a contradiction in terms. To use the best of nature and pay the greatest respect to it is our motto. We use natural ingredients, fill our products in recyclable glass bottles and do not use any plastic for shipping. But "sustainability" also means for us that we secure the existence of dozens of Thai small farming families. "That’s why we pay a fair price for the nuts, currently far above the usual market price", says managing director Josef Niedermeier.

Our nuts - peeled and ready for gentle pressing


Our skin and hair are exposed to harmful environmental influences every day. We wanted to launch a skin and hair care that contains exclusively natural ingredients. Our sacha inchi oil, which is gently cold-pressed in our own manufactory, is the basis of our products. Each of our recipes contains 50 percent of this highly effective oil. Our sacha inchi nuts are cultivated without pesticides, fertilizers or other chemicals. In all our recipes, we add only a few natural substances to the base oil in order to optimize the effect, absorbency and smell.

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