Trust & Sustainability

Manufacture work guarantees top quality: The Sacha Inchi oil for INCHI GOLD is pressed in pure manufacture work. Our care oils are made in Germany from the first to the last production step. Together with a renowned Munich-based manufacturer of natural cosmetics, we develop and produce NC-vegan certified natural cosmetics with an unique combination of active ingredients.

Family & Friends

When friends and family work hand in hand, something really good often comes out of it. In our company INCHI GOLD GmbH, Munich-born Josef Niedermeier and his wife Tamara, together with friends, have dedicated themselves entirely to the development and production of exquisite Sacha Inchi natural cosmetics. INCHI GOLD GmbH is based in the green district of Berlin-Wei├čensee. The heart of the company beats in our offices there: From here we manage product development, marketing and sales.

The complete care set in a noble gift box

Perfect customer service is our mission

We want to offer our customers the perfect experience. We want to inspire joy as soon as you unpack our parcel. That's why we pack our products with love and, of course, by hand. Service is of the utmost importance to us. Our customers appreciate the fact that we are directly approachable, react quickly to their wishes and act flexibly.

Gentle cultivation

Sustainable & Natural

According to our company philosophy, producing oils for beauty and well-being without paying attention to sustainability would be a contradiction in terms. Our motto is to use the best of nature in our products and to show it the greatest respect. That is why we only use natural ingredients, fill our products in recyclable glass bottles and do not use any plastic in shipping.

Our skin and hair are exposed to harmful environmental influences every day. We wanted to launch a skin and hair care that contains exclusively natural ingredients. Our sacha inchi oil, which is gently cold-pressed in our own manufactory, is the basis of our products. Each of our recipes contains 50 percent of this highly effective oil. Our sacha inchi nuts are cultivated without pesticides, fertilizers or other chemicals. In all our recipes, we add only a few natural substances to the base oil in order to optimize the effect, absorbency and smell.

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